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The overview of company

Shanghai Bayon precision automobile component co.,Ltd(中文名为:上海百阳精密汽车零件有限公司),major business is supply the automobile parts to OEM & Tier 1 customer. Our part include the plastic parts (Auto interior & exterior ) and metal parts (casting & machining).

The factory ground are 70000 square meters, the workshop building area nearly 40000 square meters. The factory located on north of Shanghai, distance to Shanghai center almost 20 kilometers, the traffic is very conveniently.

We have the die-casting plant, plastic injection plant, precision machining plant, painting plant, metal sheet plant and tooling production center. Now we have almost 600 stuffs, more than 80 technical engineers . We have certified with ISO9002 international quality system. In order to fit the automobile industry development, improve the corporation management level, we keep improvement and pass the certification of TS16949 quality system in Feb 2004.

Company Profile
Established 1989
Company Address NO.1688,FuLian Road,BaoShan Dsitrict
Registered capital 30 million RMB
The amount of investment 220 million RMB
The amount of sales 2014 300 million RMB
Factory area 48,000 m2
Number of employees More than 600
The date of passing iso 9000 September 2000
The date of passing TS 16949 February 2004
Company Quality

Quality is the life of company

Ensure the services of products , meeting the demands of customers

Company promise:The satisfaction of Customer is our eternal pursuit!

Creating first-class to the world

Main Service

1.Precision die casting molding and assembly services

2.Precision injection molding and assembly decoration services on surface

3.Metal parts precision machining

4.Assembly services

5.Painting on parts surface

6.The development and manufacture of mould

7.Laser cut, punch, bend and welding of metal sheet

The current direction of our main business: casting and injection molding,painting of auto parts, metal parts precision machining.

Strong engineering team——More 80 engineers focus the die-casting, injection molding, painting and machining in our factory.

We understand the importance of engineering technology and will committed to continue improvement our engineering and technical team's ability to provide our customers the more better quality of products and services.

Tools Workshop
Tools Work shop Equipment
NO. Equipment Model Process Range(mm) QTY
1 Japan Makino Sinker EDM EDMC65 650*450*350 1
2 Japan Makino Sinker EDM EDGE3 450*300*320 1
3 Japan Makino Sinker EDM EDGE2 300*250*250 1
4 Japan Makino CNC F3 650*500*450 1
5 Japan Makino CNC F5 900*500*450 1
6 Japan Makino Graphite processing center E33 650*500*450 1
7 Germany Carl Zeiss CMM 1500*800*800 1
8 Germany Fudi CMM EDMC65 600*800*800 1
9 Japan Mitutoyo Profile projector PH3500 250*75*150 1
10 Profile projector SRN4030 380*250*250 1
Plastic Injection Workshop
Mainly produce the plastic components for Automobile industry .
Plastic Injection Work shop Equipment
NO. Equipment Locking force(Ton) QTY
1 Three-color injection molding machine 550 2
2 Dual color injection molding machine 130~650 7
3 Plastic injection molding machine 300~650 38
4 Plastic injection molding machine 1200 2
5 Plastic injection molding machine 1600 2
6 Plastic injection molding machine 2000 1
7 Plastic injection molding machine 2400 1
8 Vertical Plastic injection molding machine 58 3
Die-casting & Casting Workshop
Mainly casting all kinds of Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Alloy components.
Die-casting Work shop Equipment
NO. Equipment Ton QTY
Shanghai HQ
1 Die casting machine 210 2
2 Die casting machine 350 1
3 Die casting machine 268 2
4 Hot die casting machine 30~268 15
5 Central furnace 1
6 Heat preservation furnace 2
7 Automatic transmission line 2
8 Die casting machine 650 1
QiDong Branch
9 Die casting machine 400 1
10 Die casting machine 350 1
11 Die casting machine 280 2
12 Die-Casting Fuel(gas) melting furnace SC-RC-500 3
13 Casting machine 550*400 16Kg 2
14 Tilting type gravity casting machine NZJ650Q 400*350 10Kg 1
15 Tilting type gravity casting machine NZJ750Q 450*300 10Kg 3
16 Tilting type gravity casting machine NZJ860Q 550*400 16Kg 1
Machining Workshop
Precision machining all kinds of metal components.
Machining Work shop Equipment
NO. Equipment Model Process Range(mm) QTY
1 Turn-milling combined NC machine tool DMG 310ecoV3 160*460*φ330 1
2 CNC Machine center V500 500*700*500 5
3 CNC Machine center VT530 500*700*500 3
4 CNC Machine center VMC850B 500*700*500 3
5 CNC Auto Lathe SK50P/1000MM 1000*φ500 2
6 CNC Auto Lathe CK40 φ50mm 2
7 CNC Auto Lathe CK6140A φ50mm 3
Sheet Metal Workshop
Sheet Metal Work shop Equipment
NO. Equipment Model QTY
1 Raw material cutting machine J3GB-400 1
2 Laser cutting machine TRU-LASER3030 1
3 LVD Hydraulic brake type shears HST-E31/10MNC10 1
4 CNC Stamp TRUPUNCH3000 2
5 CNC Bending PSH-125/2500 2
6 CNC Bending TRUBEND5130 1
7 CNC Bending PPEB60/20MNC95 3
8 Inclinable press Machine JC23-63A 1
9 Kempe gas Protection welding machine PRO-4200 1
10 Lincoln gas Protection welding machine PWF-4PLUS 2
11 Kempe CO2 Protection Argon arc welding machine MASTERTIG AC/DC3500W 1
12 Panasonic Argon arc welding machine YC-300TSP 2
Coating workshop
Mainly spraying and coating all kinds of components.
Inspection equipment
NO. Name Model
1 Alternating  high and low temperature machine GDJS-800
2 Electric thermostat box DHG-9254A
3 Salt-spray testing box YWX/Q-750B
4 Cantilever beam impact testing machine XJU-5.5
5 Simply supported beam impact testing machine XJJ
6 Plastic ball indentation hardness machine FYQ-961
7 Burawoy optical hardness machine HBRVU-187.5
8 Vicat softening point load deformation temperature tester SWB-300C
9 Electronic balance B/T5374-199
10 Resistance furnace SX2-2.5-10
11 Melt flow rate tester JB/T5456-91
12 Coordinate measuring machine Y10158
13 Linear height LH-600D/DG
ISO/TS16949 & ISO9001
Hot-extrusion of high-tech certification
High density of high-tech certification
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